Crown Cosmetic Dentistry

Life changing smile makeover for a deserving lady! We were able to reserve and save her natural teeth that are now protected by beautiful crowns done by our amazing lab technician for a gorgeous more natural and youthful smile.

Crown Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient unhappy with discolored and uneven smile. Only three crowns needed to enhance his smile and boost his confidence!

Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient concerned about front tooth that is discolored due to past root canal therapy. Easy and quick internal bleaching technique used to get the tooth back to a natural shade. It is a painless procedure that doesn’t even require anesthetic. These results are after only one treatment.

Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient grew up with dark, discolored and mottled teeth due to the use of tetracycline as a child. He told us that he developed a habit of not smiling due to his insecurity about his teeth. Veneers were placed and now he has gained his confidence to smile!

Crown Replacement Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient unhappy with color, shape and position of old crowns. Replaced the old crowns with new more natural shape and youthful shade that really enhances this patients smile.

Crown Replacement Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient had multiple mismatched crowns and wanted to have a more youthful and uniform smile. Mission accomplished!

Crown Replacement Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient wasn’t happy with color and shape of her teeth after years of wear. Now she loves her new smile!

Dental Implant

Young adult patient had trauma to his front tooth resulting in the loss of the tooth. Implant placed and restored to give him back his beautiful smile.

Veneers, Crowns, Bridge Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient came in with a broken front tooth and was ready for a big change. A combination of veneers, crowns and a bridge accomplished this gorgeous smile makeover.

Internal Bleaching Cosmetic Dentistry

Another internal bleaching case on the lower right tooth with fantastic results.

Crowns Cosmetic Dentistry

Huge improvement with just six new crowns. Gorgeous new smile!!

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